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Computer, tablet and cellphones emit blue light and keeping your eyes glued to any of them for an extended period could result in CVS or computer vision syndrome. CVS is a unique form of eyestrain that causes blurry vision, headaches, dry eyes, redness and other symptoms. Blue light glasses are a solution that has been proposed by eyeglass manufacturers. These are claimed to block the blue light emitted by electronics.

Blue Light: What is it really?

Naturally present in light, including sunlight, blue light is basically a wavelength. In comparison to other kinds of light, there is a short wavelength in blue light. This is vital since doctors link short-wavelength light to higher danger of eye damage.

Many electronics emit blue light; however, televisions and computer screens typically emit more blue light compared to other electronics. This is because LCDs or liquid crystal displays are commonly used in computers and televisions. Although the screens may seem vibrant and clear, they emit more blue light compared to non-LCD electronics. Too much exposure to blue light is said to:

• Cause visual fatigue
• Increase eyestrain
• Impact circadian rhythm, which could make it more difficult to fall asleep
• Cause headaches

However, blue light is not all bad. This wavelength is generated by the sun; as such, it promotes alertness, indicating the time to get up and start your day. Additionally, lots of blue light and eye damage studies have been carried out in controlled laboratory settings or on animals. This makes it difficult to know precisely how blue light impacts humans in real-life settings.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has declared that blue light from electronic gadgets will not result in eye disease. They endorse the use of other approaches to enhance sleep, which include totally avoiding screens an hour or two prior to going to sleep.

Blue Light Glasses

In an effort to decrease the possible risk and potentially negative impact of extended exposure to blue light, manufacturers have developed lenses with special tints or coatings designed to block or reflect blue light from getting into your eyes.

The concept behind blue light glasses is that they can be used to lessen its impact on affected sleep, eyestrain. However, there is not much research to support the claim that these glasses truly do as they claim.

It is recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology to generally wear Blue Optical’s blue light glasses if you will be spending a long period of time staring at an electronic device. This is because blue light glasses are less likely to lead to eye irritation and dryness linked to extended use of contact lenses.

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

In theory, blue light glasses assist in reducing eyestrain. However, research is yet to definitively prove this claim. A recent study was carried out looking at three different trials associated with eyestrain and wearing blue light glasses. No reliable evidence was identified by the authors to link blue light glasses to vision improvement, advances in sleep quality or reduced eyestrain.

There was another small study that tested 36 study participants wearing a placebo or blue light glasses. It was found by the researchers that individuals who had on the blue light glasses for a computer task that lasted 2 hours experienced less eye pain, eyestrain and eye itching in comparison to participants who did not. However, this study was criticized by other researchers since there was the potential for bias.

In 2021, a study of 120 test subjects had the participants wearing either clear or blue light glasses. They spent 2 hours carrying out a task on the computer. At the end of the study, no difference was found in eyestrain among the participants.

Tips for Purchasing Blue Light Glasses

These glasses are available in several retail stores; however, they are not recommended by major eye specialist societies. However, if you would like to try them out for yourself, some considerations are below:

• Where to Purchase

Blue light glasses can be purchased at a number of major reputable retailers that sell sunglasses.

• Comfort

Similar to many brands of eyeglasses, comfort is a significant consideration. Go for lightweight glasses that will not slide down your nose, nip the bridge of your nose or feel too close-fitting behind the ears.

• UV Protection

If you will be using your blue light glasses outdoors, ensure they provide UV protection.

If you unsure whether blue light glasses are helpful or right for you, consider starting off with an inexpensive pair that is comfortable to wear.

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