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Do you love playing video games? Esports is a prominent competition that involves video games and mostly takes multiplayer and organized sports. Organized competitions have been there for a long time.

These games have numerous benefits for the players and developers. They have been integrated into schools, and people consider them as hobbies and recreational parts of life. Here is an extensive overview of esports its origin, type of games involved, tournaments, and popularity.

1. Origin of esports
The earliest known video game started in 1972 and took place at Stanford University. The students were invited to participate in the intergalactic Spacewar Olympics. There is always an ultimate grand price for each game; in this case, the winner received a rolling stone.
The next earliest game started in 1978, known as the Golden age of arcade video games. This game became popular within a short time when players wanted to hit the high score. Over the years, several video games have been developed, each with a different problem to be solved.
More than 70 years of video game history has grown in many countries, and almost every state has a game to share with the world. This sector has attracted many investors over the years. These games have been included in professional competitions today.

2. Types of esports games
Esports games are divided into several categories based on the challenge involved. These genres include first-person shooters, fighting games, real-time strategy, an online battle arena, and others. Fighting games are among the earliest games introduced in sports tournaments.
Over the years, fighting games have evolved, introducing new challenges and grand prizes. For this reason, you can play these games on a professional level. If you want to be part of the fighting game community, you must be cognizant of either the old arcade-era competitions.

3. Esports tournaments
Esports’ popularity is growing by the day, and new events are being introduced on the same. Hearthstone world championship is one of the esports tournaments. It mostly takes place in Asia, Europe, America, and china.

EVO is the largest gathering fighting esports tournament in the world. This competition supports different titles across the globe and connects people from different areas. You must be a member of the fighting game community to participate in this game.

• League of legends
League of Legends esports tournament is always biting other games since it has a high hype. This tournament consists of summer and spring split. By the end of each season, the best teams from each side go to the championship.

These tournaments can earn you money mainly, but with League of Legends, don’t expect much money though it’s the top esport performer.

• Fortnite world cup
Fortnite World Cup is a wildly successful competition that has experienced great popularity in the past few years. You can quickly join a group of players and share your skills in winning the tournament’s champions league.

• Call of Duty
Call of duty league championship tournament uses modern warfare techniques. As an esports fan, keep your eyes on the league to see how much success this year will gather. This tournament brings people with the same interests together.

4. Esports popularity
Over the years, esports has gained popularity at a high rate as people remain connected to their devices for a long time. You can access various games online by just downloading an app. According to eSports League Fans, the esports audience has reached to 223 million.
This number is expected to reach 495 million this year. The primary reason for this high expectation is that most people are in quarantine and need something to keep their brain active. People have switched to online games for entertainment and earning some money.

Bottom Line
Esports has been in existence for more than three decades, and over the years it has gained popularity with technology revolution and internet connections. It involves playing video games and competing with other players. You now have an opportunity to share your skills with others.

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