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At different times in the year, air conditioning and heating is needed. Without having proper air conditioning, it can be a real struggle to say the least.

There are a few traditional methods when it comes to getting air conditioning, but a split-system air conditioner is becoming more and more prevalent. What are some of the benefits of using this type of set up over a traditional air conditioner? Below are just a few of the main reasons.

Easy to install

The biggest difference between a split-system air conditioner and a traditional air-conditioner is that the split-system does not require any type of ductwork. The only type of set up that needs to be done involves a few holes to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. As long as they are within about 100 feet of each other, everything is good to go. just ensure you get an expert to install it.

Lowers bills

Everyone can get behind an air conditioner that is going to cost a little bit less money on a yearly basis. Looking at traditional air conditioning units, they tend to lose a great amount of energy because of the heat exchange that goes on in the duct system. Since there is no ductwork in a split air conditioning system, there is less of a chance of energy loss.

The savings will be evident almost right away. Things can be tailored for a specific room that might be tough to cool down as well.

Very quiet

It can be frustrating to hear an air conditioner run during the day, and since a lot of people work from home, that can be a hindrance. Noise is something that no one wants to hear consistently, and a split air conditioning system is going to be much quieter.

Both the fan and the condenser will be outside, which greatly reduces the sound heard inside the house. If it is put into an area strategically, there is pretty much no chance of hearing anything at all.


The final thing that really stands out for anyone looking for a split air conditioning system is that there is a ton of flexibility. The biggest positive is of course that it also allows for heating a home, but the flexibility doesn’t stop there.

Each individual room can have their own cooling units. This is great for older homes that might have specific areas that need cooling. Instead of having to blast the entire home with the same amount of cooling, only a particular part needs targeted.

Most people will use the flexibility to their advantage. This means messing around with certain settings until everything just feels right in the home.

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